Bee Natural Honey

We harnessed the goodness of wild grown flowers to share that Nature’s always known

Wildflower Honey

We harnessed the goodness of wild grown flowers to share that Nature’s always known

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Click button to order the goodness of wild grown flowers to share that Nature’s always known

Avocado Honey

Avocado honey is bold and flavorful while maintaining a sweet characteristic.

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Avocado honey is produced by bees foraging on the nectar of blossoms on the avocado groves.

Orange Blossom Honey

Our Orange blossom honey is harnessed from orange trees in Florida, Exceptional taste.

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Click button to order our Floridian Orange Blossom Honey, a must have in every kitchen

Buckwheat Honey

"Nature's Original Antibiotic" !!! very dark in color high in antioxidant & mineral compounds

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Pungent in flavor with molasses and malty tones and a lingering aftertaste, a must in every home

Tupelo Honey

No Honey tastes Yummier then the Tupelo Honey, Really! Harvested from the Panhandle of FL

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There is nothing more delicious then Tupelo Honey. Harvested from the Panhandle of FL

Palmetto Honey

Palmetto Honey is a light to deep amber in color. It is full-bodied, citrusy, smoky, woody overtones

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Boldness, complexity make it a great complement to cooked, cured meats, salty and hard cheeses.

Clover Honey

Clovers contribute more to honey production in the United States than any other group of plants.

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Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a pleasing mild taste.


Establishments trying to differentiate their offerings to tourists and hotel patrons, Unique honey & Honey Jars offering

Grocery Stores

We are perfectly situated to supply top quality, Florida honey under our long time respected brand.


We are fully distributed in all Publix locations nationwide. Our honey is also shelved at various Walmart and Supervalu locations


Our honey pairs well with just about anything! Add it to your tea coffee, drizzled over toast. Great substitute for syrup or refined sugar

Airlines & Cruises

Bee Natural Honey Airline has many millions of tiny aircrafts that collect our raw honey to the hives


Vast varieties of honey are available for entities interested in showcasing a more diversified offering

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Free Factory Tour*

* Free Factory Tour with purchase of $100 or more when you visit our factory or buy online. Good for one year from time of purchase, Factory Tour is by appointment only. To setup an appointment please call us at (305) 258-1110 or contact us via our contact page or email.

Nature’s Nectar

Our honey is bottled unfiltered using minimum heat. This is done to maintain the properties that give our honey its distinct natural color, flavor, and aroma. In addition, such minimum processing insures our honey retains its natural mix of enzymes, pollens, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and antimicrobial properties.

“healthy honey”

Really Raw 100% all natural, No added ingredients, Always Fresh!

  • honey shot

Healthy Body & soul Energy, a honey shot in your car, bag or purse will be life saver whenever you need it most.

Since 1969, BNH has been a provider of top quality honeys sourced from a vast variety of nature’s finest nectars

From the most known Supermarkets to the hippest Hotels, you’ll find our High-class Bee Natural Honey Brands


Anything you wanted to ask about honey & bees at our workshop when you  pick up honey from our factory

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PRIVATE LABELING –  Private labeling opportunities possible. Please contact us to inquire further

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