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Whipped honey, Creamed Honey, Honey Spread, Butter Honey, Candy honey – from Bee Natural Honey

Creamed Honey, Whipped honey, Honey Butter, Honey Spread, Candy Honey


Whipped Honey Depending on what part of the world you’re from, whipped honey is also called creamed honey, Butter Honey, Honey Spread or candy honey, churned, hard, spun or set. It’s made using a controlled process of crystallization to produce a smooth, delicate, and delicious consistency.

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Sourwood honey is sourced from bees foraging on the nectars of sourwood tree blossoms that grow in the southern mountains of Georgia. The density and intensity of the sourwood trees and bloom can feed the bees almost exclusively during peak season, which results in a mostly monofloral honey with a very unique color and taste all to its own.

Rich Real Sourwood Honey (by various bottle sizes) Bee Natural Honey | Rare hard to get honey!


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