Our Honey & Health Benefits

Bee Natural Honey

Honey is low in water, high in sugar and slightly acidic. Along with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide the bees introduce in its production, honey’s unique properties work together to prevent the growth of bacteria and is the reason honey is one of a few select foods that never spoils. As a result of its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, there is no doubt honey has some amazing properties as a health food. Honey has been known for centuries as helpful in the treatment of wounds and abdominal complications. Scientific studies have shown that honey is indeed effective in killing several forms of bacteria and in the treatment of ulcers, bed sores, burns, skin sores and inflammation. Honey has also been known to heal wounds that don't respond well to antibiotics. We also know that darker honeys may be more potent and that the type of plant pollens harvested by bees affects the honeys antibacterial qualities. Scientists are looking at locally grown honey to understand its potential benefits, perhaps helping to find a scientific reason behind the holistic reasoning that consuming local honey helps suppress allergens and other associated allergy ailments. A few studies have even found that honey does a better job of easing nighttime coughs and improving sleep than popular cough suppressants. Another study showed that buckwheat honey specifically outperformed in suppressing coughs at night. It is always prudent to know that despite all of honeys marvelous health benefits, honey should never be given to a child under the age of one. A baby’s immature digestive system has not yet developed enough to be able to process safely botulism spores that can be found naturally in honey. Finally, some sport nutrition studies have found that honey was just as good as or better than glucose, or sugar water, in boosting athletic performance. Studies have also shown honey to be a helpful supplement to take after meals. The honey aids in digestion, helping to enhance the energy uptake of food and aid in the overall refueling process of athletes. Specific to Bee Natural Honey, while we do bottle mono-floral honeys sourced from bees from many other parts of the country that primarily forage solely one type of floral source, we majority source our bread and butter South Florida wildflower honey from a long time established network of trusted South Florida based bee keepers. The unique taste of the honey the bees produce here is the result of South Florida bees being able to forage nectar from the large cornucopia of floral sources that exist as a result of South Florida’s tropical climate. In order to insure we bring to our customers the tastiest south Florida wildflower honey possible, our honey is bottled unfiltered using minimum heat. This is done to maintain the properties that give our honey its distinct natural color, flavor, and aroma. In addition, such minimum processing insures our honey retains its natural mix of enzymes, pollens, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and antimicrobial properties. In close, our mission at Bee Natural Honey is to bottle honey in as undisturbed fashion as possible directly from the bee hive to you. In fact, no honey manufacturer has produced this “healthy honey” at the national level—until now.

ALL NATURAL from the beehive to you.