Return policy

Bee Natural Honey will freely accept returns on bottles of honey, but only those bottles with untampered seal and full contents.

More specifically, crystallization will not be an accepted cause for return save in a bottle with an untampered seal.

Refunds will be granted upon physical return and inspection of the honey purchased.

Please send email to with the size, variety, quantity and photos of the bottles requesting to be returned.

Upon email reception, one will receive an email response that will include a USPS postage sticker to be printed and applied to an appropriately sized USPS priority mail flat rate envelope or box with which to make the return. You should receive a response to any refund request in no more than five to seven business days.

One final note. Real Honey can and will crystallize naturally and is again not a cause for return.

Honey does not spoil. Honey is a supersaturated solution and crystallization is a natural process and in no way is honey deficient or defective when it does crystallize.